Base Vehicle: Mahindra Bolero
Model Year: 2012
Engine Model: 2.5L Direct Injection Diesel
Transmission: 4-speed Manual
Seats: 2+1 Guard
Colour: Customer’s Choice
Body Type: Single-cab Pick-up with rear guard and valuables compartments
Protection Level: B4, Floor Protection against fragmentation grenades

Main Features and Options:

  • Optional Front Cab Air-Conditioner
  • Optional Rear Cab Air-Conditioner
  • Optional Second Guard Seat
  • Choice of communications, surveillance/monitoring, electronic counter-measure equipment
  • Rear Cab Option for Prisoner Transport
  • Guard Compartment Roof Hatch
  • Guard Compartment Side and Rear Gun-Ports
  • Optional Front Bull Bar
  • Options of Police LIght-Bar and Siren, Search-Lights, etc
  • And Many More

Note: Specification levels may vary depending on the Grade and specific model, and may change without prior notice.OEM specifications will be carried over where applicable.